Welcome to Catserve! We are a RPG survival economy server! Work together with your friends to build something amazing and survive in order to gain the materials!

We have mcMMO, NPCS, Quests, Dragon Travel, Stats and much more! Just come give us a visit and see how you enjoy our friendly and active community!

Catserve has an amazing community, with alot of brilliant builders and incredibly intelligent conversations. We are also a family friendly server with minimal swearing allowed. All ages are welcome but there could be some adult references!

News!We have launched a new website called HoneyTrend. Be sure to check out our posts!

Build of the week

Thalia's new spawn for Catserve!
Check it out using /spawn !


Outright donations are greatly welcomed, they help us maintain our multiple servers which all have their included costs.

  • WebServer: £32p/m
  • MC Server: £50p/m
  • Advertising: £10p/m
  • Alternatively if you wish to receive in game perks from your donations please see our rank list here

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